What to Expect From a Property Survey

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property survey

A property survey is an in depth, analytical inspection of a property’s condition to provide information regarding its value. The surveyor will identify any structural issues such as subsidence or unstable walls and inspects the property to assess the condition of the building’s main components, including electrical, plumbing, heating systems, drainage systems and key amenities such as swimming pools. They will also highlight any major renovations or repairs required, including fixing the chimney or roof.

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A property survey normally provides the owner with the precise location of all utilities and all necessary details to allow for accurate calculation of future revenue. For example, the surveyor may find out that a particular road blockage could cause your property to increase in value significantly, so will recommend that you take steps to correct this problem. The survey will also identify all utility lines, including gas, telephone, cable and water lines, and give the exact location of all points of connection including the main supply line.

If you require any further information on how your survey is conducted, including whether it is undertaken by a commercial or residential real estate attorney, you should ask your real estate attorney for assistance in your search. A professional, independent agent will provide you with a free title search as well as other invaluable information on property surveys. Once you have identified a property surveyor, they will begin their investigation to locate all the issues affecting your potential property. Once identified, your real estate attorney will then begin negotiating the specifics with the property owner to reach a fair and amicable agreement about the sale of your home.

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