Latest Trends in Medical Scrubs

14 Dec    Health

We all know by now that medical scrubs have come a long way from the original medical uniforms they were designed to be. Nowadays, medical scrubs come in so many stylish and interesting varieties that they can even fool doctors and patients alike. But how did medical scrubs become as popular as they are today? And why are so many people choosing to wear them today instead of the old medical uniforms? Read on to find out how medical scrubs started their transformation from drab and boring to comfortable and stylish. Read More

Finding the Perfect Medical Scrubs

The Medical Scrubs trend started in the 1970s. Many doctors wanted to wear something more stylish and comfortable than the regular blue and white scrubs doctors were wearing before. They wore them to give off the impression that the hospital they worked in had a more hip and cool appearance and many who wore them became known as the “Hipsters” of the medical world.

Medical scrubs uniforms today are no longer boring and standard. They come in all kinds of great patterns and colors. Companies like PC Thredz’s and Grey’s Anatomy have created some of the most amazing and funky scrubs out there. Doctors love wearing these scrubs because they look and feel really good.

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