How to Use Model Enamel Paint to Create Masterpieces

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model enamel paint

Model paint has been around for a long time and model enthusiasts have been using different types of techniques to get the paint on their figures. When working onĀ model enamel paint project, it’s important to follow a few guidelines to make sure the end result looks great. Most enamel paints are available in three basic colors – Blue, White, and Yellow – with other hues being available as add-on purchases. A common mistake new hobbyists make is picking up a box of paint and attempting to use it without any sort of procedure or guide as it can lead to a disaster.

Why you need Model Enamel Paint to Create Masterpieces

Picking the right type of paint is essential before getting started, and some types will be better suited to certain model kits than others. Some types of enamels are very thick and require thinner paint to go on them; others are very thin and should only be applied to a particular model kit. Another thing that you need to think about when painting your models is weathering. Weathering can either be a simple or complex process, and you should think about what sort of effects you want your painted enamel to have before picking out the paint. Metal models should generally be given a nice sheen while plastic should be given a bronze look.

The paint itself should be applied with a brush or sponge, and you will need to ensure that it is thoroughly dry before proceeding to any further steps. To do this, you can place your model inside a UV tent, which will shield it from damage, but will let the paint dry in the meantime. Painting is not the only activity involved in model kits, and a lot of fun and satisfaction can be had by working on different aspects of the model at different times. By painting different parts at different times you will get the best results and will keep yourself from becoming bored with the project too quickly.

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