Catering in Oakland California

18 Mar    Recreation

Whether you’re hosting a family reunion, a corporate lunch, or a birthday party, there are many options for catering in Oakland, California. From upscale dining to quick takeout, you’ll find a great selection of catering options. These services also offer event coordination services, bar packages, and espresso carts. Regardless of your needs, there’s a catering service in Oakland that can meet them.

Affordable Catering in Oakland

Catering in Oakland California

The cost of catering depends on the number of guests and the menu. Most caterers will give you a price per head based on the type of menu you’d like. A simple buffet meal can be as low as $22 per head, or as expensive as $33 per person for an organic, locally-sourced menu. If you want more elaborate food and presentation, you can choose a more expensive menu with more ingredients and a higher price tag.

Aside from the menu itself, the quality of the food is important. You can choose from a range of cuisines. Some caterers specialize in organic cuisine, which means they use fewer ingredients but are more expensive. A high-end option has a surprisingly wide price range. Some of these restaurants can charge as much as $2,600 per person. However, you can find affordable catering in Oakland, California with a bit of research and comparison.

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