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Dec 5

How to Customize Your RSS Feed Widget?

Feed Widget is a simple WordPress plugin that allows users to automatically display information from an RSS Feed Widget on their websites. This plugin supports most popular RSS feeds such as Google Reader, fgets and Get Feedburner. It can also add text-to-speak feature for quick and easy access to information from feeds. If you want to know more about how to use Feed Widget or Feed Widgets in WordPress, here are some basic steps:

RSS Feed Widget – This plugin supports most popular RSS feeds such as Google Reader

Feed Widget


– Steps to embed RSS feed widget with Taggbox Widget. – login or register with Taggler web hosting account. – Choose Feed Widget in the plugins menu. – Add shortcode in your sidebar area. – Overwrite your existing shortcode in the shortcode editing area.


To customize this Feed Widget, one can go to Appearance > General to change different options such as font color, icon set, and font style. To change the background color, click on “HUD Style” then “HUD Colors”. You can also change the size and height of the widget by clicking on “crop” drop-down box. To add a button, simply click on “add button” and type desired action in the input box. area | feed widget} Next step is to install Feed Widget Plus on your blog by following the instructions on the website. When prompted, download and install the plug-in. From the installation page, click on the “ourtainous” tab. Select all options on the shortcode selection screen, then click on “ok”.

Nov 11

What Are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Using a Micro SD Card?

Micro SD is a relatively new type of removable memory card widely used for data storage purposes. As such, the usage of micro SD cards is rapidly increasing as time goes by. Micro SD card is also known as micro-Secure Digital (SD), and is an acronym for the usd or micro-SD. The card is mainly used in cell phones and portable digital devices (PDDs). One common use of micro SD cards is for data storage in portable media devices like digital cameras, PDDs, video games, digital cameras, cell phones, digital video camcorders, and more.

Micro SD Card

Micro SD has a number of advantages over conventional storage media. One is that the device can be used with any computer that accepts SD formatted drives. Thus, a micro SD card can easily be connected to an external hard drive for data storage purposes. The card can also be read and written directly from the computer. Additionally, the card can be inserted into USB devices. These are just some of the uses of micro SD card.

One disadvantage of micro-SD is that the card is not compatible with older computers that do not support FAT32 file formats. This is because the card is not formatted with FAT32. However, most modern computers can read and write to the card. As such, it is possible to transfer data to and from the card without worrying about compatibility issues.