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Dec 8

The Benefits to Using Freight Audit Services

One of the primary reasons that businesses use Parcel Asset Management (PAM) is to reduce the costs associated with improper shipping invoicing, Freight Audit. If your billing system contains incomplete invoicing or incorrect shipping charges, you can use Parcel Asset Management to easily locate errors, file them, and recover refunds quickly and efficiently. Parcel Asset Management (PAM) provides several different ways to perform your parcel audits, including manual search and manual file retrieval, automatic search based on triggers, and full text to audit and verification. Regardless of the system that you use for your parcel collections, the ability to quickly identify errors and recover your money will help you improve customer satisfaction and your company’s profitability.

Freight Audit – When does a shipper need freight audit services?

Another major benefit of using Parcel Audit for identifying carrier invoicing errors is that you can also use the audit results to strengthen your customer relations. Improving your customer relations will increase your retention and profit potential. When you are able to successfully trace back incorrect invoicing and recover your money from carriers, you can build a solid relationship with your clients and gain referrals, which will improve your customer satisfaction.

You can also gain respect from your peers and increase your sales when you prove your ability to effectively audit and recover your parcels.…