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Aug 8

Private Security Services Provides Close Protection Security

A quick Google Search on what is close protection security will return a slew of different results concerning what this type of security is. However, most of the info is either inaccurate or incomplete, or at worst it is just a marketing firm trying to sell you their service. In simple terms close protection security is a non-lethal security strategy that consists of body armor, helmet, baton, handcuffs and a personal alarm. Body armor is there to protect the wearer from bullets or other projectiles and the helmet is there to render the wearer comfy enough to sleep. Lastly, the baton is used to stop an attacker in his tracks and if they try to attack you again, the stun gun will subdue them. Find Out – close protection security uk

Close Protection Training – Basic Training In Security And Threat Management

So, how exactly does close protection security work? First of all, pre-emptive strikes are a good way to keep potential threats from even stepping foot inside your compound. This can be done by hiring highly trained and equipped security guards. These guards are trained not only to withstand weapons fire but they’re also highly trained in making sure that nobody gets away without a word from the guards. Then it’s up to you to make sure that the guards do their job. If you have highly trained guards protecting your compound, then the potential threats cannot just walk through the front door and attack your property.

Close protection officers also work off-duty as security services for local businesses or even restaurants and hotels. Off-duty security officers may have a few days of experience in working independently but in most cases they have to have been employed by a company for a year before they can legally carry a weapon and perform other off-duty security services. Once an officer is on-call, they work around the clock to provide security services to local businesses or local events. Some officers specialize in particular fields such as atypical criminals or those with violent criminal tendencies. Most private security services require their officers to undergo a background check, fingerprinting and a physical exam before being hired.