Bright Horizon for Learning and Fun – Long Day Care Ormeau Ridge

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Arden Early Learning is a growing trend in Ormeau, with more families needing more flexibility when it comes to their child rearing. Infant daycare, early childhood education and educational programs in both preschool and primary school are all part of the push for these new ‘third gender’ childcare ormeau remits, but the push goes further than just numbers. More families are finding that it’s much easier to balance work obligations to keep your children in the family, and so many childcare providers are now providing these ‘tertiary ‘facilities, or allowing families to have a number of children enrolled in one of these innovative educational spaces. This is part of a wider push by government and private sector bodies to reform the way in which children are nurtured, with increased government support, better qualifications and opportunities offered to parents, and an emphasis on family-based schooling.


A report from the Ministry of Education and Statistics New Zealand (MEAP), suggests that the trend of tertiary education for children has been strongest in Auckland, Wellington and Queenstown. The report found that for families with preschool age children, the most common place for them to live was bright horizons childcare centre. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that this was the case with all of the families that had a child enrolled in this type of education.


Of course, there are many different options available in the area of long day care, ordeal, and this report highlights that there are some families who might benefit from a childcare centre with more than one wing. For those families who have a keen interest in learning more about this alternative, they could make a visit to a range of New Zealand centres or go online to find out more information about the options available in your area. It’s interesting to note that these bright horizons childcare ormeau ridges are also becoming more popular in suburbs – for example, Warkworth Waverly and Ponsonby Waverly are starting to become known for their varied offerings, including an array of preschools and primary schools.

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