An Informative Review of the Climbing Wall Matting Product Line

13 May    Sports

The subject of Climbing Wall Matting is covered in an informative article that was recently posted on the Online Article Directory site under the heading, “Performance Training and Products Offered by Independent Home Fitness Companies.” In this article, we will review the basics of what Climbing Wall Matting is all about. We will examine how this company came to be and what their products are all about. Finally, we will review what our experience has been with Climbing Wall Matting. By the time you have finished reading this article, you should be familiar with the products offered, the background of the company and why Climbing Wall Matting is a good company to do business with.

Best Solution for Safe and Comfortable Climbing

The first topic that we will discuss in this article pertains to the history of Climbing Wall Matting. According to the author, Steve Smith, founder and owner of Climbing Wall Matting, Inc., the original idea for the company was based on his own experiences building rock climbing walls at home. He had built several of these himself and knew from experience that they were not all that safe. The idea for Climbing Wall Matting was born out of his desire to provide a much safer alternative to the types of climbing that he did at home.

The second topic we will discuss in this article revolves around some of the major players involved in the Climbing Wall Matting industry. There are a number of well known companies involved in the production and distribution of Climbing Wall Matting products. This includes an extensive product line including climbing mats, ropes, rackets, harnesses, ledges and anchors. Other companies of interest are Bearing Wall Products, Inc., which is the parent company for Climbing Wall Matting, Inc., and Vertical Roots, Inc. which are the distributors’ parent company. These three companies make up the major distribution force within the Climbing Wall Matting industry.

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