Day: January 2, 2022

Jan 2

Advantages of Hospital Beds

Hospital beds can be either standard or deluxe. Standard models have features such as side rails, mitigated entrapment risk, exit alarms, nurse panels, and electric height adjustment. Deluxe models have additional features such as a wide range of accessories. A deluxe model will cost more than a standard model but can provide all the features a patient needs to feel comfortable in bed. These models can also be purchased for their additional safety features.

Safety Features of Hospital Beds

The MAC program includes electric powered adjustments for the head, foot, and body. This covers both the height and width of the bed and its side rails. The MAC program is designed to account for the changing population and its needs. This method also takes demographic and epidemiological data into account. The results can help determine the number of hospital beds needed to meet future demands. Further, the MAC can be used to assess the current capacity of hospital beds in different regions of the country.

Compared to standard beds, hospital beds are more durable and comfortable. Aside from being more durable, hospital beds also last longer. Whether they’re old or new, they can be used for any patient. Aside from their durability, hospital mattresses also have a high level of support. Therefore, you can count on them for a long time. There are many advantages to owning a hospital bed. The most important one is that they are convenient, easy to clean, and provide excellent support to patients.