Day: October 7, 2021

Oct 7

Why Choose a Garden Cabins Company?

The Garden Cottage Company (GCC), based in the North Sea, is a leading international company specialising in sustainable building, green living and innovative energy efficiency. The company is led by founding memberships; Sir Richard Branson, Yves Saint Laurent and Gordon Ramsay. The company was set up in 1980 and was one of the first green buildings projects in Europe. Their aim was to create a “world class ecological laboratory”. They wanted to build a green building that was environmentally and energy efficient, as well as environmentally friendly, and a building that provided sustainable growth and social responsibility.

What Does a Garden Cabin Company Do?

Their buildings are designed and built to high standards using state of the art technology, materials and design. They are state of the art, fully flexible constructions which can be tailor made to meet your individual requirements. The buildings are planned, delivered, assembled and operated by a fully trained staff. It utilises local and regional labour and suppliers, and has a very low over head manufacturing and assembly operation. They are dedicated to finding the most cost effective and environment friendly ways of achieving their goals and will negotiate with you on all aspects of your construction process including design, installation, site works, site maintenance and hauling.

You may see other Garden Cabin Company online or at your local garden center. There are plenty of green buildings advertised on the internet. However, the products and services offered by the Garden Cottage Company (GCC), far outweigh any other company offering garden buildings for sale or rental. Their buildings are designed to be a complete energy and water efficient structures. They are easy to maintain and come with standard modern facilities such as hot water, central heating, plumbing and drainage.