Tampons: Which is Better, Vodka or Gin?

drug trendsSince the beginning of time, people have looked for ways to get high – or alter their consciousness – and have come up with many creative ways to do so. And the more quickly you can get high, the better.

Narconon rehab has found interesting ways young people are getting high. The newest way to get high (supposedly) is a vodka tampon. And no, you don’t smoke it.

Rumor has it that the newest way to get drunk is by inserting a tampon that has been soaked in vodka for any length of time (the longer, the better) into the rectum or vagina, causing an almost instant feeling of being drunk due to the alcohol being absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly than it normally would be if you drank it. Nobody would be able to smell it on your breath, and the police couldn’t detect it if you were driving. (This is a myth; once the alcohol is in the blood, it has to be breathed out at least a little, which is how the breathalyzer test obtains its results.)

Buzzfeed.com recently ran an article entitled “The 7 Most Efficient Ways To Ingest Vodka.” The caption reads: “If you are looking to get drunk fast, and don’t mind incredible pain, permanent bodily injury, or sticking things in your butt, there are a lot of great new ways to ingest vodka. Here are some of the best ways to get vodka from the bottle into your body.” Unbelievably, the article describes ingesting vodka with a tampon through any orifice as “slimming.”

Some people have offered to be guinea pigs to see if this method does indeed work for getting drunk more quickly and easily than just drinking alcohol the old-fashioned way. The reviews were not as good as vodka tampon partiers might have hoped. One woman said that the burning caused excruciating pain in her vagina, and she only got dizzy, not drunk in the least. In addition, it was next to impossible to insert. Tampons hold about a shot of vodka, and they expand when wet. One partier was extremely disappointed because he “got no buzz at all and my butt hurts.”

But Narconon center warns on a serious note, vomiting and passing out are the body’s ways of telling you that you’ve consumed too much alcohol. Alcohol poisoning is a huge risk with vodka tampons because you will not vomit since the alcohol bypasses the stomach. Thus, if a person does pass out or lose consciousness and ends up in the hospital, nobody will know why, and treatment could be delayed.

This trend is said to have started back in 1998, but there are a great many people (this author included) who have doubts as to whether it is a real trend, or if it even exists at all. There have been a few Finnish documented accounts, but when you talk to someone about it, for the most part it’s a mystery. Most people say that they have never seen or heard of anyone anywhere doing anything like that.narconon rehab

All kidding aside, if you or someone you know engages in this practice, and then it’s time to get help before something tragic occurs. Narconon meetings provide proven help and support to recover from alcohol abuse and addiction.

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