College Alcohol Hazing

hazing and alcoholIn a new study, Prevalence and Profiling: Hazing Among College Students and Points of Intervention, an examination of the beliefs, attitudes and behaviors related to college alcohol hazing. According to the study 36% of the students examined participated in the practice.

The groups that most used hazing were males who were athletes and those who were Greeks, a specific college fraternity. Underclassman were more likely to participate in the practice however there were also some found to be interested in safer and more positive activities for team building.

College students who participated in alcohol hazing did it either in a direct way or an indirect way. Done indirectly, many students did not realize what was taking place. This is one of the key reasons why hazing continued in some groups. In the groups where hazing was done by direct means, this practice also continued for some even after being addressed.

Regardless, of the manner in which it was introduced hazing is a dangerous practice that promotes binge drinking, alcohol poisoning and even addiction.

The Problem With Alcohol

With more than 17 million struggling with alcohol addiction and 23 million people participating in binge drinking on a regular basis, the problem that the United States has with alcohol is clear. Each year over half a million college students are injured as a result of alcohol misuse and another 1,800 lose their lives because of it.

Alcohol is a major contributor to college level crime being the cause of 70,000 cases of assault and another 97,000 sexual abuse incidents.

college alcohol drinkingWhat’s more damaging is the problem of sexually transmitted disease because of unprotected sex related to binge drinking which negatively affects 400,000 college students.

Many college alcohol hazing incidents start out with the victim just wanting to fit in or to be accepted into a certain group. Alcohol temporarily solves that problem for them and as a result it becomes very valuable. They start to drink more and more until the use of alcohol develops into an addiction.

The result is that they will crave alcohol, build a tolerance where they have to drink more and more and start to have withdrawal problem when they try to stop drinking.

Alcohol Hazing Risks

There are many risks that a person takes whenever they participate in alcohol and they include:

• Getting alcohol poisoning. This is when someone drinks so much alcohol that they can get seriously physical ill or even die. Many with alcohol poisoning will go unconsciousness or start vomiting uncontrollably.
• Drinking and driving or alcohol related accidents. Many who are under the influence after an alcohol hazing incident will try to get behind the wheel. As a result they will be arrested for drunken driving or cause can accident where they will hurt themselves or someone else.
• Sexually transmitted disease. After alcohol hazing a person’s judgment will most likely be impaired, and they will end up having unprotected sex putting themselves at risk for disease. They will also put themselves at risk for being victims of sex crimes.
• Causing themselves problems such as missed classes, low grades and the inability to handle the responsibility of being a college student. The result is that they could lose their education all together.

Narconon Reviews Alcohol Hazing

narconon reviewsThe Narconon drug and alcohol rehabilitation program has handled many cases of alcohol addiction rehabilitation that resulted from alcohol hazing and binge drinking in college.

Narconon reviews the problem frequently and feels that rehabilitation is obviously needed for those with alcohol problems and prevention measures should be implemented across campuses to reduce the number of cases of this in general.

Narconon California, and its Vista Bay location specialize in helping those with alcohol addiction and achieve a 76% success rate. For more information call 888-556-8885.

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